Race to the Stones 2022

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Documenting Threshold's Race to the Stones 2022 for knowjack media. This 100 or 50km ultra takes place in July along the UK's oldest trail and attracts beginners and veterans alike.

Dave Barry's 48 Hour 'Murph'

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Five years ago, Dave did 'Murph' - one of CrossFit's hardest endurance workouts - for 24 hours straight, completing eleven rounds. Not one to take it easy, he upped the ante to 48 hours, and completed 19 rounds.

108 Coffee

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Spending the morning at 108 Coffee in Truro taking some pictures for their social media.

Fixing my iPhone 7 Plus

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Repairing my phone so that I can spend the money buying photography gear instead! 😆 Using iFixit parts and guides made it easy, but the result was a little underwhelming.

Artur Gruchala ⏎

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A wonderful, personal Swift blog that's full of interesting information for the aspiring Swift developer

The Last Straw

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When a regular expression failed to work as expected I almost renounced software development entirely. Warning: this post contains a vent.


knowjack media × Land Rover

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Jack from knowjack media asked me to shoot some images for his social media. There was a brief from NUII that we needed to meet, but the 2021 Defender he brought with him ended up the star of the show.


A Caveat to 'Consumption Spirals'

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Sometimes buying 'nice things' is the start of a dangerous spending spiral. Sometimes it's the start of a long and beautiful relationship full of love and care.

One Percent Better

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Regular, incremental improvements can deliver incredible advancements — if you let them! I examine how focusing on the little details can improve your software and business.

Analytics vs. User Surveys

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Making analytics-lead changes brought us to a local maximum. Running a user survey helped me take the business to the next level.


Going It Alone

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After two years at Bikesoup, I'm leaving for pastures new. Here's what I intend to get up to.

Thoughts on Things' Pricing

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Pricing software is hard — and the right decision seems obvious — but CulturedCode shows that a conventional approach can still work.


Discovering Tachyons

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Tachyons by Adam Morse was Tailwind's predecessor and introduced utility-first CSS to the world. Here's how I found it and slowly adopted the approach.