“Makers” is an ongoing series sparked by my enthusiasm for the process and the principles behind certain products. I realised the affinity I felt for some brands was a result of their Why rather their What; which of course was noteworthy in itself, but more-so because of how it came to be.

This curiosity for the behind-the-scenes story was most likely instilled by Hiut Denim, who take pride in their craft, the sourcing of their materials, the people involved and where they fit in the world. In many ways the jeans are a by-product of these principles, but as a consequence stand apart as possibly the best end-product on the market. After wearing my Hiuts, understanding where, how and why they were made; my choice of denim became “Hiut or bust”.

I wanted to document the process of similar Makers and share it so that other people could be similarly enthused by their craft. Living in Cornwall I’m fortunate not to be short of local people and businesses making exceptional food, drink, clothing & more with this ethos.

The plan was to use the photos as the basis of a portfolio, selling other businesses on the value in publicly sharing their process. I could promote and champion authentic Makers whilst gaining crucial experience and getting a foot-in-the-door of commercial photography. However, my enthusiasm got the better of me after the first shoot with Ollie Cooper, and what started as a temporary project quickly became the biggest reason to pick up my camera.

As a naturally curious — yet quite introverted — person, the camera became a gateway to deep conversations over many, many hours with individuals I might have only otherwise spoken to in passing. It was a wonderful antidote to the isolation and cynicism my time as a software developer had cultured, and continues to teach me what is required to truly capture and convey the sense of a person in a still image. It turns out that wanting to understand and share a Maker’s process — a deeply personal artefact — is a shortcut to knowing them.

The Series

  1. Ollie Cooper
  2. Dynamite Valley Brewing Co.
  3. Yskynna Aerial Dance Co.
  4. The Mulberry - Falmouth (Coming soon!)