Photographer. Recovering writer of software.


Jamie Dumont is a photographer and previously a software developer living in Cornwall

Jamie Dumont viewed from the drivers seat of a car.
Image courtesy of Jack Atkinson

I'm an outdoor sports & adventure photographer based in Cornwall. Growing up, I always had a camera in-hand and briefly worked as an events photographer before starting university; but like most people my career hasn't been a straight path.

I spent ten years as a designer & software developer. Originally, I graduated from Falmouth University as a Graphic Designer, but quickly gravitated to more technical work building websites and later applications and data infrastructure.

I've lead start-ups in London as a CTO, written software for some of the biggest names in financial services as a consultant and built websites that support the businesses for dozens of incredible individuals.

I still love writing software — and still have a few hobby apps I work on — but never intended to spend as much time behind a desk as was required for a developer. I much prefer getting outside, seeing new places and meeting people with interesting stories to tell, which when combined with a love of photography prompted the change.

Using my local environment, I love documenting the adventure — and suffering — that runners, mountain bikers, surfers and similar athletes dedicate themselves to.


After a lifetime of taking on too many hobbies, I've scaled it back to surfing and mountain biking.

The beach is a two or three minute walk from my house and surfing is just part of the culture here. To not surf is weird!

Mountain biking was my teenage addiction. I spent all my free time finding new trails and all my money building better bikes. I once told my Dad to be thankful that is was cheaper and less harmful than a drug addiction...but then he didn't truly know how much I spent on bike parts! 🙈

Over the years I've gravitated to a particular ethos with my interests that emphasises enjoyment over performance. I treat surfing & cycling as experiences to be enjoyed, not sports to compete in. I try to forego the latest and greatest technical advances, preferring simple — sometimes old fashioned — tools or equipment. Except for my wetsuit. Don't take away my super warm winter wetsuit! 🤣

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