Hello, I'm Jamie...

Last updated: 24 February 2023

…a photographer, designer and developer. I publish photo stories that focus on individuals, industries and ideas of note; all self-assigned and published, designed for both print and digital.

I studied Graphic Design, worked as a software developer for close to a decade and in 2021 decided to (once again) make photography a core part of my work; ending a fifteen year journey roughly where it started. Along the way I also had a flirtation with becoming a Royal Marine Officer, a stint of 90 hour weeks organising endurance events and a few years grinding away selling outdoor clothing and equipment.

Rather than keep all these periods of my life separate, I’ve brought them together to explore how stories can be better told online with reportage photography alongside design & art direction akin to what is common in print design.

If you have an enquiry, a question or just want to chat; then send me an email at [email protected].