Devan Scott takes a look at the colour palette of 'SKYFALL' and 'SPECTRE' ⏎

Cinema informs my photos colour grading, and none moreso than the recent 007 films. Devan Scott breaks down the colours in SKYFALL and SPECTRE

This is a really good thread that explains a lot of my own feelings towards these two films. I love the Daniel Craig-era Bond films but I think ‘SKYFALL’ stands above the rest — the caveat being I haven’t seen ‘No Time To Die’ yet. Not only is it a really distinct and important memory in a wonderful part of my life but is visually stunning.

Scott teases out all the small details and nuances that come together to create a rich and dynamic film.

Whilst I agree with him that SPECTRE does look incredibly brown when analysed like this, I don’t feel it detracts from the film in anyway.

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