Not your normal Saturday night cocktails

A chance encounter at the supermarket leads to trying a new genre of photography whilst getting a bit tipsy!

Not your normal Saturday night cocktails

When my wife and I saw some cool little canned cocktails from a company called Moth Drinks in the supermarket we thought it'd be fun to try taking some photos of them. We picked three we would enjoy drinking afterwards and headed home.

I had previously seen Adam Lehman's (@up.and.adam) incredible drinks photography on his Ghost profile, and trying my hand at something similar had been in the back of my mind ever since.

Armed with @bel_dumont as my assistant, we spent a little over an hour on a Saturday evening playing around with lighting and props and ended up with the shots you see below.

Having not done any kind of product or drinks photography before it was all a little alien, but we had a laugh working it out. I was surprised to find that because we were controlling the light (as best we could with the equipment on hand) there was very little to do in post.

For some of the shots I was using the torch on my iPhone as a fill which gave a pretty ugly green tint to some writing on the can which was oddly hard to remove without skewing the whole colour palette!

I'll definitely be doing more product photography like this.

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