Joe Grant and his single speed Myth Cycles Wyvern ⏎

An interview with ultra-runner and cyclist Joe Grant reveals a wonderful, intriguing outlook on life.

Joe Grant and his Single Speed Myth Cycles Wyvern
In this Rider and Rig, we get to know Colorado-based ultra-endurance athlete Joe Grant and his single speed Myth Cycles Wyvern. Find a post-ride video interview, photos of his colorful rig, and a profile of Joe put together by Colt Fetters here...

I loved reading about Joe's bike and his humble attitude towards his epic adventures and incredible performance in world-class ultra events, but it was his approach to training that hooked me.

Joe rarely uses a GPS watch to track his runs or rides. That is practically unheard of these days even amongst casual athletes. I've been guilty of trying to build the ultimate app to track CrossFit workouts — SPOILER: it's bloody difficult to do properly — and recording even a brisk walk with Strava. Something about being a software developer makes me want to quantify everything but I'm also hyper aware of how unhealthy that is.

I admire Joe's approach to training but after causing myself a serious injury by sticking to a gruelling plan despite ever-increasing pain; I intend to embody it too.

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