Fixing my iPhone 7 Plus

Repairing my phone so that I can spend the money buying photography gear instead! 😆 Using iFixit parts and guides made it easy, but the result was a little underwhelming.

When black and white isn't... ⏎

A more monochromatic site redesign took me down a wonderful little rabbit hole of how colours impact UX and energy consumption on OLED displays

Artur Gruchala ⏎

A wonderful, personal Swift blog that's full of interesting information for the aspiring Swift developer

The Last Straw

When a regular expression failed to work as expected I almost renounced software development entirely. Warning: this post contains a vent.


Not your normal Saturday night cocktails

A chance encounter at the supermarket leads to trying a new genre of photography whilst getting a bit tipsy!

Recently — November 2021

A round up of the (many) changes that have happened over the past few weeks.

First Impressions of Ghost(Pro)

Ghost is a wonderful publishing platform but I wish it didn't offload so many features to developers and end-users.

Devan Scott takes a look at the colour palette of 'SKYFALL' and 'SPECTRE' ⏎

Cinema informs my photos colour grading, and none moreso than the recent 007 films. Devan Scott breaks down the colours in SKYFALL and SPECTRE

Joe Grant and his single speed Myth Cycles Wyvern ⏎

An interview with ultra-runner and cyclist Joe Grant reveals a wonderful, intriguing outlook on life.

'The Brook' exemplifies good design ⏎

One day I'll build myself a cabin, and it'll probably look like this stunning one!

Do One For You - Peter McKinnon ⏎

Peter McKinnon delivering a motivational suckerpunch.


Private Content with Statamic

How to protect content when building a membership site with Statamic, adding different membership 'tiers'.

One Percent Better

Regular, incremental improvements can deliver incredible advancements — if you let them! I examine how focusing on the little details can improve your software and business.

Analytics vs. User Surveys

Making analytics-lead changes brought us to a local maximum. Running a user survey helped me take the business to the next level.

Build a membership site with Statamic

How to build a basic membership site with Statamic 2 and the Charge add-on.

'Deep Work' by Cal Newport

'Deep Work' by Cal Newport is an easy addition to my 'never get rid of' collection of books.

Wordpress to Statamic migration

A data migration is always a horrible task, but migrating Wordpress' tangled content to clean markdown and YAML was a real test.


Going It Alone

After two years at Bikesoup, I'm leaving for pastures new. Here's what I intend to get up to.

A More Sustainable iPhone

Is Apple shifting to more expensive devices that are more powerful, better made and last longer?

Thoughts on Things' Pricing

Pricing software is hard — and the right decision seems obvious — but CulturedCode shows that a conventional approach can still work.


Discovering Tachyons

Tachyons by Adam Morse was Tailwind's predecessor and introduced utility-first CSS to the world. Here's how I found it and slowly adopted the approach.

Why I Axed My Serverless App

Building Javascript, single-page, serverless apps is about as convoluted as it gets. I killed mine before ever launching it.