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Why ‘High Tide’?

I wanted the newsletter to have a name, not just “Jamie’s Newsletter”; but that suddenly comes with a load of pressure to think of something witty. It was already decided that publishing would be a semi-regular affair, and it was either going to be every two weeks or once a month. Living by the coast and being a (mostly) regular surfer; something related to tides seemed sensible.

I went deep on finding a single word that describes the intervals around tides, all regulated by lunar cycles of course. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a suitably obscure, but unctuous word that could carry over to the newsletter. Rather than overthink it, I went with “High Tide” because it’s simple, and for anyone that has spent time by the sea it a pleasant association. As an added bonus, the highest of high tides (known as Spring tides) occur roughly every two weeks — who knew!